Just a minute, let me Topeka that!

As of today, April Fool’s Day, Google has changed its name to Topeka because Topeka, KS has changed it’s name to Google 🙂

Here is Topeka, the website’s new sign-

Here is a chart from the blog that will teach us how to properly use the word “Topeka”

Click on Topeka’s logo below for a link to Topeka’s official blog on the name change:


6 responses to “Just a minute, let me Topeka that!

  1. You said it yourself- it’s april fool’s day. This is a joke. DUH!

  2. This is so dumb. I sincerely hope this is an elaborate April Fool’s joke, otherwise I will seriously consider switching to Bing. Google has been good to me, but this is just…stupid.

  3. Relax, they do a joke EVERY year, some even more elaborate than this I think…

  4. I am playing along, I am aware that is a joke. I like following the April Fool’s pranks that a lot of sites do.

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